Know Your Strength
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Report Rape

Why is it important for me to report the rape?

  • Rape is a serious offence and the rapist should be brought to justice
  • To get help and support from the legal system
  • To regain a sense of control and safety
  • To ensure your safety and protection from the rapist

What is important for me to remember?

  • If you were drunk at the time of the rape, don't let that stop you. Being drunk is not a crime - rape is.
  • If you know the person who raped you after you had been close to them, don't let that stop you. You have a right to say no at any point.
  • If the person bought you drinks or gave you money and gifts and you feel guilty about that, don't let that stop you. You have the right to choose when, how and with whom to have sex.
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